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Val’s Pup Cuts strives to provide the safest, most enjoyable grooming experience for you and your dogs. We strive to maintain a clean grooming space and provide the highest standards possible with our grooming and the products we use. Below are policies we have developed to ensure the safety and happiness of your dogs while in our care.


Please arrive on time for your appointment. Val’s Pup Cuts cannot accept any early drop-offs unless prior plans have been made and approved by the owner.

All dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier when entering or exiting the salon. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and others. Curbside drop-off and pick-up are available for returning clients and must be scheduled at the time of your appointment. Curbside service is not available for first-time clients at their initial appointment.


Val’s Pup Cuts understands that things come up last minute and schedules need to be adjusted. We strive to meet our clients’ needs as best we can. However, due to the nature of this business, please note we have expectations for our clients to ensure that business runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please notify Val’s Pup Cuts at least 24 hours before your appointment, and we will be happy to reschedule you to a more convenient time. All cancellations that take place within 24 hours of your appointment, including no call/no shows, will be considered a “Same-Day Cancellation” and will be subject to a $50.00 Same-Day Cancellation fee that must be paid prior to scheduling a new appointment.


When scheduling your appointment, Val’s Pup Cuts will provide you with a drop-off time and an estimated time for pick-up. Please note that due to zoning laws, you are unable to wait for your pet at the salon.

If you are running late to your appointment, please contact Val’s Pup Cuts to let your groomer know as soon as possible. We will not accept any dogs 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time. Any time your dog is more than 30 minutes late to their scheduled appointment, it will be considered an automatic Same-Day Cancellation and be subject to a $50.00 Same-Day Cancellation fee that must be paid prior to scheduling a new appointment.

Additionally, you must pick up your dog at the estimated time for pick-up. Val’s Pup Cuts has limited kennel space available for dogs, and we cannot board them for an indefinite period of time. When booking your appointment, please let Val’s Pup Cuts know if you need to board your pet for an additional amount of time beyond your estimated pick-up time. You will be subject to a fee of $10.00 per half-hour needed to board your pet beyond your appointment time.

If you have not made previous plans to board your pet, you must pick up your pet within 30 minutes of the estimated pick-up time provided to you. If you are more than 30 minutes late to pick up your pet, you will be charged a Day Care Fee of $1.00 per minute over the 30-minute grace period.

Val’s Pup Cuts cannot board overnight, and all pets must be picked up before the salon closes each day. Any pets not picked up by the time the salon closes will be subject to an After-Hours Fee of $2.00 per minute past closing time.


Val’s Pup Cuts has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all animals in our care. We require that all dogs groomed by us be up to date on their rabies vaccinations. You will be required to bring your vaccination verification to your appointment, or you can email it to us ahead of time.

If your pet has not been vaccinated before or their previous vaccination is out-of-date, we will require an updated shot record or confirmation from your veterinarian regarding the status of your dog’s rabies vaccine. Pets without their rabies vaccination or pets with an expired rabies vaccination will not be serviced.


Val’s Pup Cuts will gladly groom an unaltered male or female dog. However, we will not accept females in heat for sanitary reasons.


A full groom at Val’s Pup Cuts includes a shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, face wash (if necessary), blow dry, cut/trim, nail trim, ear care, de-shedding, and teeth cleaning. Val’s Pup Cuts aims to have all pets done within a 3-4 hour window, but it is not always possible. We will make every effort to keep you informed of how long we expect the grooming process to take and if we run into any unexpected delays.

You will always have the opportunity to speak with your groomer when you drop your pet off, and we will strive to do what you ask. However, there are a few instances where a service might be altered or removed entirely.


All pets are required to be bathed as part of the grooming process. This is not only for the benefit of your pet but also to not damage the groomer’s equipment. Each pet is bathed with high-end shampoos and conditioners. For pets with allergies, skin issues, or other sensitivities, we offer hypoallergenic and oatmeal-based products and therapeutic skincare. Clients are also welcome to provide any vet-prescribed medicated shampoos as needed.

Ear Care and Ear Hair Removal

All pets will have their ears cleaned with a mild ear cleaner. If your pet has an ear infection, we will let you know so that you may consult your veterinarian. Ear hair removal is a standard part of the grooming process. If you choose not to have your pet’s ear hair removed, please let us know ahead of time.

Nail Trimming

All nails will be trimmed and dremeled during each grooming appointment. We always do our best to trim the nails as short as possible without injuring your pet. However, nail trimmings/dremeling may be removed from your service if your pet shows signs of aggression or stress.


De-shedding removes the dead undercoat so your dog is less likely to have matting or debris that can harbor skin irritations, insects, or parasites. It also helps keep the skin clean, promotes healthy fur regrowth, and regulates body temperature.

All of our full-service grooms include a 15-minute de-shed. Additional time for de-shedding ranges from $10.00 - $50.00. If your dog has not been de-shedded in the last 60 days, it will likely require additional time for de-shedding.

Fur Mats

Matted coats can cause a variety of problems for your pet. As a result, if your groomer sees mats on your dog, they may need to shave them down to remove them. Removing mats is a time-consuming process and causes additional wear and tear on grooming equipment. Therefore, if mats are required to be removed, your groomer will assess an additional charge to your grooming fee. This charge will range from $30.00 - $80.00, depending on the severity of the mats.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to tell if there are fleas, ticks, or parasites until we begin bathing your dog. If your dog has fleas, ticks, or parasites, a parasite bath and potential parasite removal will be required before grooming. Our parasite bath is hypoallergenic and is an additional $15.00 on top of your grooming fee. Additionally, we will offer you discounted re-grooming services for the next three weeks or until the parasites are gone.

Please note that if you decline the parasite bath, Val’s Pup Cuts reserves the right to discontinue grooming your pet for sanitation reasons. Additionally, a $50.00 fee may be assessed to sanitize the salon and prevent a parasite infestation.


There is always the possibility of cuts, nicks, or burns during the grooming process. Some pets are more challenging to handle than others, and accidents can occur. Should any injuries occur during the grooming process, we will notify you and advise how to treat them. Injuries that result from de-matting are not the responsibility of Val’s Pup Cuts, and any vet costs due to these are at the client’s expense.

In the event of an emergency, Val’s Pup Cuts will immediately seek professional veterinarian attention, and all attempts will be made to contact the owner.


The safety of your dog and our groomer is our top priority. Val’s Pup Cuts strives to be able to groom your dog safely and without injury, but sometimes that is not possible. Should your dog display aggressive behavior towards our groomer, we will make all attempts to finish grooming your pet with a muzzle.

Should your pet bite and break the skin of our groomer, we will immediately stop the groom and will charge you for all attempted services rendered. A special Handling fee of $50.00 may be assessed for any injuries our groomer sustains while attempting to groom your pet.

If we have to turn away your dog before the appointment begins due to aggressive behavior, you will be subject to a Same-Day Cancellation fee of $50.00.


Payment is due at the time of service. Payments can be made either by cash, or through Paypal or CashApp. Val’s Pup Cuts does not currently accept credit cards or checks as payment. No further services will be provided until any outstanding fees have been paid.


Val’s Pup Cuts will always work to give your pet the cut that you want. If you are unsatisfied with your groom for any reason, please let us know before you leave the salon so that we can make any necessary corrections and your file can be updated with any applicable notes.

Additional requests for changes after you have left the salon may be subject to an additional grooming fee at the owner’s discretion.

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